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  • The citizens coming from the European Union need a passport or another valid identification document to enter the Czech Republic. The visitors from other countries need to present the passport with a minimum validity of six months, from the date of arrival to the country, and in some cases, a visa is required.
  • In the Czech Republic is common the golf practice, since it manages the combination of the sport with the natural beauties of all the territory. There is a vast offer of courses centered in the great level of game and the high quality of their installations. Actually there are 112 country clubs and 70 golf courses, from which two are of 36 holes, two of 27 holes, 20 of 18 holes and 45 of nine holes. In Prague there are the ones of the best quality and standard of service.
  • There are several ways to travel through the country. It is possible to travel via train in Czechia, in which several international lines circulate. You can take the bus, since many cities are connected by international services. The same way, it is possible to rent a car even by Internet and pick it up directly in the airport or just to travel by taxi or taking the municipal transportation, which in each city has the stop signs well marked.
  • The Czech Republic offers places such as dams, artificial reservoirs and lakes with excellent conditions to practice several aquatic sports. There are local clubs where it is possible to rent equipment to navigate in yacht or sailboat. Thanks to the great tradition that the destination has in these sports, the Czech train company “Ceské dari” assures that in the summer season the transportation of boats in special wagons to many places in the country and reservoir areas on the Lipno dam and the Luznice river.




  • Located in the heart of Europe, Prague is the main city of the Czech Republic and undoubtedly the jewel of the destination since its culture and the arts shine with special intensity in this place. Filled with historic monuments, registered in the list of the Cultural Heritage of the Mankind of the UNESCO, without a doubt it is one of the most beautiful cities of the world.
  • Within the great architectonical beauties of the country we can stand out the Prague Castle, built in the IXth century, considered the greatest medieval fortress of the world. Within the jewels that it houses we find the Cathedral of Saint Vito, the Alley of the Gold and the Alchemy and the chapel of the Holy Cross. Has been the enclosure of different governments, becoming in 1918 the official residence of the president  of the Republic.
  • The Czech cuisine surprises with its pleasant traditional touch, in spite of being influenced in a certain way by its neighbors’ gastronomy it is still inspired in its ancient recipes that submerge in the typical and exclusive. Based in materials that are cultivated inside the country, some unique and exquisite dishes from the region are born such as the flour dough balls, sauces and soups; the sirloin with milk cream sauce, among others. It counts with the best conditions for the vine-growing, which has made that its white wines creditors to major recognitions.
  • It is a world of natural richness since now a day’s its valleys and mountains are still being cultivated and, despite of the major host part of it have been populated, we can still find beautiful and unique places which practically are intact because it’s fantastic and wild landscapes haven’t been touched by the men’s hand. There are wild species that still live there, like the wolf, wild cat, lynx, capercaillie (actually are known



Text: AMURA ± Photo: Czech Tourism