In the Adriatic coast, Hvar is one of the most beautiful islands of Croatia. Its mountains house the best vineyards and olive fields, its villages preserve their typical charm with its fabulous ports and Hvar, the capital of the island, it is a wonderful walled town at the foot of the fortress, bathed by crystal clear waters and its pier is embellished with exquisite restaurants. To talk about the Island of Hvar is to talk about the largest of the islands of Croatia and of the Adriatic, smooth weather, very sunny, light, are the ingredients that make the Island of Hvar and the city that has its name important and developed destinations in the Croatian coast. In the Island of Hvar we find several points of touristic interest and of great quality in the services. We can start our tour on the island of Hvar in Sucuraj, a small corner in the Island with great infrastructures, a small port, roomy accommodations, with hotels, apartments or guesthouses, as well as wonderful beaches. The Island of Hvar is one of the favorite touristic destinations of Croatia, and besides its white sand beaches it offers the visitor broad forests and natural protected areas which ennoble the beauty of the surroundings of the Island. Hvar, the city center that gives name to the island,  has fields of lavender, is a wonder.  If you like the houses of stone here you can find picturesque towns built in the slopes that emphasize for old Dalmatian houses with red ceilings.  Many abandoned and almost covered by the herbs, other nevertheless they are restored.


Text: AMURA ± Photo: Patrick Monney, Ari Canada.