Ski season is a never ending affair. It is no surprise, then, that destinations abound featuring amenities that ski lovers have come to cherish.

Val d’Isère

In addition to being one of the world’s most exclusive resorts, this French ski area has out- standing facilities. The snow is guaranteed every year and entertainment options abound.

Just getting to this unique place is an adventure. The winding roads that lead there are lined with small picturesque and charming towns. Getting closer the resort, the slopes and imposing tram at Daille become visible from a distance.


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From these roads, the view toward the mountains completely covered in white pris- tine snow leaves you breathless. Further along, crossing the Daille trails, the snow-covered slopes of Solaise appear.

Suddenly you arrive at the residential area of Val d’Isère, an architectural treasure chock full of striking chalets. The commercial center of town offers many service options plus stores, restaurants and bars, all with the refine- ment and elegance that typify the exclusive


Text: Kundalini Muñoz ± Photo: V. Pawlowski-Meg`eve Tourisme