The Explora Hotels concept emerged as an attempt to bring the urban experience with comfort and the surprises of the remoteness of nature within reach.        

Although Explora’s approach is exploration; the possibility of staying ina comfortable and discreetly luxurious hotel is offered mainly as a platform that puts enjoyable excursionwithin easy reach.          

This approach is evident in every detail of the hotel; beginning with its architecture. The hotel is designed to harmonize with the landscape discreetly without competing with nature. The colors are neutral and the tones soft to create a relaxing environment full of harmony and contemplation. The materials inside the hotel are mainly natural, predominantly wood.      



  The hotel’s goal is to provide access to the remoteness of nature. The hotel wants to show its mystery without attempting to solve it; showing nature as not only beautiful but impenetrable and inviting us to observe everything in an open and natural space. It is an experience that essentially begins or ends with introspection, motivated by themysterious remote landscapes.          

The menu is meticulously designed with exploration in mind, so the chefs use natural ingredients and mix food to create light dishes, which are at the same time, substantial and energetic.          

 Explora offers the “all-inclusive” format, which consists of 3meals, drinks, an open bar and cafeteria service. Excursions are also offers using the hotel’s own resources and h include bilingual tour guides, transportation to the excursion bases, lunches and drinks outside the hotel.             

Explora has two different hotels in Chile: in the desert of Atacama and on Easter Island (Rapa Nui).     







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Text: Kundalini Muñoz ± Photo: Explora Chile.