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• A valid passport, personal identification documents and a visa are required to enter Canada. Visitors’ visas apply to temporary stays in the country with the obligation to return to the
country of origin once the visa expires. Visitors wishing to stay for more than six months must be in good health because a medical examination is required.

• Winter in Canada is draped in white, the temperature in Québec changes throughout the year. Following the snowy winter comes a refreshing spring and the summer is warm and very pleasant and can be enjoyed with light  clothing. Check your traveling dates in order to take appropriate clothing.

• Its average rainfall of 3 mm from November through April makes it ideal for skiing. Winters in Quebec are perfect for skiing, alpine skiing and snowboarding. Approximately 90 fascinating mountains, 4,000 km of paths in full contact with nature set the perfect scene. Snow lovers are advised to wear warm clothing, particularly when enjoying the adrenaline of the sport.

• Canada’s tax refund service offers visitors an easy and convenient way to claim back taxes paid on their purchases during their stay. Taxes on other products bought to be taken out of the country can be claimed, as well as short-stay accommodation costs.


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• One of Canada’s greatest treasures is the beautiful and famous Niagara Falls, the fascinating waterfalls situated on the River Niagara in the eastern part of North America on the US-Canadian border. Even though they are not very high, they are wide very and voluminous and throughout their history they have become famous not only for their beauty but also for being a source of energy and a challenging environmental conservation project.

• Quebec is the largest province in Canada, its population exceeds 7.5 million inhabitants. Unlike the other provinces, French is its official language, making it the only majority French-speaking area in North America. The language enjoys legal protection and there are even linguistics inspectors to ensure its correct use.

• From 1985, the old and beautiful Québec has become the first conurbation in North America to be included in UNESCO’s prestigious list of “World Heritage Cities. Founded in 1608, it is Canada’s oldest city and works hard to maintain its beauty and reputation intact by always highlighting its unmatchable patrimonial wealth.

• Quebec has approximately 400 museums, where visitors can discover and admire its artistic riches, as well as its history and heritage. Most of the museums are housed in beautiful, unique and exceptional buildings, which are characteristic of the province. Certainly they are all interesting; however, visitors are recommended to visit Pulperie de Chicoutimi (Saguenay Lac-Saint Jean), the Joliette Musuem of Art (Lanaudière) and the Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts in Cantonsdel’Est.


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Text: Amura ± Photo: Patrick Monney