Fez, the Other Imperial City and the Riad Fes

One of Morocco’s treasures is Fez, the imperial walled city, where the streets infiltrate a world of elegant palaces and noisy, colorful markets. It is a true medieval city that has remained suspended in time.

A stroll on its streets takes us to visit the Karaouina Mosque, Morocco’s most ancient place of worship as well as the first university of the western Arab world; the Moulay Idriss II mausoleum, the medersas with all their carved stucco and wood reliefs decorated with zelligs, the fonduks (early centers of commerce with patios and balconies), the leather tanners, enveloped in an unbearable odor, who stomp on the leather in vats full of color and the markets that sell wood, herbs, copper, wool… Fez is the country’s most authentic city and around each corner there is a stunning surprise. Its artisans create beautiful works of art and Fez’s ceramics, produced with ancient techniques, are one of the world’s most beautiful and renowned for their blue color.



The doors of the royal palace are a sumptuous work of art and you can also visit the borj (fort), the Jewish quarter, the mosque in the Andaluz quarter and the great variety of palaces that have been transformed into shops, restaurants and hotels.

Staying in the Riad Fes is one of the most fabulous experiences of Fez. This ancient palace has been restored with authentic care, creating an architectural jewel where elegance, luxury and flamboyance reign. Its patio, covered in zelligs and adorned with stucco, is dazzling; the second patio is a blend of Moroccan art and minimalism, the rooms preserve the local tradition and the excellent service provide guests with a sultan’s life during their stay. Lodged in the superb Riad Fes the journey will forever stay etched in the soul of the traveler like a memory tattooed during one of life’s happiest moments.       






Riad Fes

Derb Ben Sliman, Fes

T 212 (0) 35 94 76 10

F 35 74 11 43

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Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney.