In the middle of a small village of quaint little houses, flowers and colors on the seafront, a living memory of the Mediterranean, the majestic destination of Costa Careyes can be found, in which its Castles stand out for their unmatchable beauty, located in the beautiful bays of Careyes on the southern coast of Jalisco, México.

The founder of this wonderful place is Gian Franco Brignone, an Italian and artist at heart. The Castles, Houses and Little Careyes Houses are perched on cliffs and crags facing the powerful Pacific Ocean, decorated with exquisite good taste and with staff and service provided by local coast dwellers who really know how to look after visitors.

There are 3 to 8-room villas and 1 to 3-room houses all with concierge service. It is a place where it is a real pleasure to come on vacation and rent one of the properties, or even buy one, because either way you’ll be able to enjoy relaxing days for the rest of your life.




The Castles, Houses and Little Careyes Houses are the result of the sophisticated good taste of travelers, architectural beauty, Mexican palapa-type cabins and the will to preserve the beauty of a natural paradise.

  The group of castles consists of three units: Casa mi Ojo, Sol de Occidente and Sol de Oriente, each one with an imposing style of architecture and the rustic touch of the cabin roofs. Each one has been the refuge of the greatest travelers and the scene of the best magazines and publications of recent times.

A refuge for those for who the beauty and respect for the Earth are the best compasses for deciding the best place to relax; an unmatchable view and a position that dominates the sea and the coast.




Resides the castles and houses, the exquisite Playa Rosa and the Hotel El Careyes also stand out, as well as the Casitas de las Flores development, a colorful and picturesque group of small 1 to 3-bedroom houses.

Finally and to please everyone, this incredible destination offers accommodation alternatives for all, from its castles to its romantic bungalows of the Playa Rosa, each one assuring life experiences to those who decide to venture long its coasts.     





Km. 53.5 carretera Barra de

Navidad-Puerto Vallarta Costa

Careyes Jalisco

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Text: AMURA ± Photo: Careyes.