The Best Hotel in Asia

One of the most beautiful, enchanting hotels in the world is hidden on a green hill in the middle of Malaysia’s modern capital. To get there, you have to climb a narrow road that winds through lush vegetation. Suddenly, in the midst of this exotic world, you see a white mansion. It is a magnificent building, with a portico and elegant columns, that appears to be framed by a terrace where raffia sofas invite guests to relax and relive, as if in a dream, the region’s splendid past.

The hotel combines the charm of the past, the beauty of the colonial architecture and the perfection of the service. During British colonial times, this marvelous mansion served as the residence of the governor. Today it is the perfect place to enjoy exquisite service.

A few steps away is the manor that served as the governor’s guest house. The suites and the restaurant, which offers the best Asian cuisine in Kuala Lumpur, are located here. A monumental staircase leads to the seven fabulous suites and a restaurant renowned for its tea, exquisite pastries and refined European cuisine. The view of this wonderful city of skyscrapers, including the famous Petronas Towers, is impressive from the main terrace, which is part of an immense suite that at one time was occupied by the queen of England and other important political figures. It is a 21st century world framed by the windows of a glorious past.



Hidden amidst the lush foliage is a swimming pool and tennis court. Near the hotel, visitors can explore several important museums as well as Kuala Lumpur’s Historic Center, home to a number of colonial buildings.

Not only is Carcosa Seri Negara a truly special, charming place, it is also the best hotel in southeast Asia. Refined and exquisite, it is the perfect place for travelers visiting this region of the world.  




Taman Tasik Perdana

Persistan Mahameru

50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malasia

T (603) 22 82 18 88

F (603) 22 82 78 88

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Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney.