Suite Presidencial

This hotel reflects contemporary mexican architecture, combining the essence of the majestic outdoors with the colonial architecture of the interiors. The three-bedroom Presidential Suite has a living room, terrace, minibar, air conditioning and an interior pool. The mexican touches can be seen in the hand-painted tile headboards and the hand-made clay tile floors that give the suite an informal but elegant touch. The design of the closet incorporates mesh instead of doors, and the terrace walls have a brick-colored rustic finish. 




Playa Vistahermosa


Guerrero, México

T (755) 553 21 21

F (755) 553 10 38

Lada sin costo: 1 800 227 47 27

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Text: Fabiola Galván Campos ± Photo: Lía Rueda / Mario Ramírez.