• The official Russian currency is the ruble, which is valued at 36.17 rubles on the dollar. The exchange rate must be performed in government offices, and it is recommended that one holds on to all transaction vouchers.
  • Before embarking on the trip, it is necessary to undergo a medical check-up. Some of the recommended vaccines: diphtheria, hepatitis A and B. If ones trip is planned for Spring or Fall, a flu shot is paramount, given that the ARN virus is stronger during these seasons.
  • A visa is obligatory for entrance into Russia, and it is necessary to have hotel reservations to have access to the document. This can be arranged at a consulate, or local embassy.
  • Stores follow a similar schedule throughout the day, opened from 10:00 in the morning and closing at 10:00 at night, Monday through Sunday.
  • One way to be prepared when visiting the captivating destination is to take winter clothes, as temperatures can drop below -10°C in some regions. Others are warmer, but it’s best to remember that it is generally not warm country.




  • Nevsky: over 4 kilometers that compose the downtown area of Saint Petersburg, where some of the most splendid buildings of the city harbor interesting hotels, elegant restaurants, and movie theaters.
  • The panoramic view of Moscow can be appreciated from the Sparrow hills, formerly known as Lenin Hills. The site was mentioned in the book, The Master and Margarita, by Mikhaíl Bulgakov, given the imposing view of the capital.
  • Small villages and the lack of infrastructure and transport make of Altai an almost inaccessible paradise, although this does not mean that this site offers one of the finest options to rest from the turmoil of city life.
  • Being an UNESCO heritage site, the Lena Pillars invite travelers to enjoy the observations decks located 100 meters above the magnificent Siberian River routes.
  • The city of Zelenogradsk, boasting a German ambience thanks to its first settlers, was founded in 1255. Yet, it wasn’t until the Second World War that it was incorporated into the Soviet Union.




Text: Amura ± Photo: iGDeFon/ JEFF OWEN/ RAMON V MORALES/ HWS