Legend Hotel

With a story woven within Mumbai, the Taj Mahal Palace is known as the first reference spot of the port. Built in 1903, for over a century has lodged international celebrities who appreciate it as an invaluable treasure of memories and a warm resting or business space.

 This classic-contemporary architectonic wonder is located next to the Gateway of India –built 21 years later— with a gorgeous view of the Arabian Sea. At their arrival, the guests are welcomed with a garland collar, saris banarasi, bindis –that represent the third eye, the wisdom eye—and party presents.



 It offers 560 rooms, including 44 suites, with first rate services. Attention from the hosts is absolutely personal, they can customize the individual experience desired from suppers to events, to relaxation sessions or field trips.

 In 10 different restaurants of the hotel, one can relish the most imaginative cuisine traditions from India, Europe, the Middle East and the East, in varied cooking styles. The Jiva spa delivers the finest rejuvenescence therapies, combining the ancient Hindu wisdom with modern therapies.

 This patrimonial grandeur continues the royal legacy of celebrating parties, gatherings and official events in a privilege of a majestic residency.





The Taj Mahal Palace

Mumbai - 400 001,

Maharashtra, India

Tel. +91 22 6665 3366



Text: Alejandra Millanes ± Photo: VFM Leonardo Customer Center