A fusion of hospitality and entertainment

Sahara Star, the Sahara India Pariwar flagship hotel, is one of the most fetching destinations in India. This posh 5 star hotel, strategically located in front of the domestic Mumbai airport, outstandingly mixes Indian mysticism and culture. At the same time, it personifies the progressive spirit of the country, combining unmatched hospitality with state of the art technology. A distinctive and contemporary destination, this hotel caters for the guests’ needs through its high tech facilities, services and promotions. Sahara Star Hotel promises to captivate the world with its magnificence, an architectural phenomenon, a majestic landmark, a destination to be experienced in all its glory.




Hotel Sahara Star promises to enchant us with its splendor, a majestic milestone, a destination to be experienced in all of its grandness. It has 286 fully equipped rooms, including 14 luxury suites, offering its guests an option to satisfy their taste. Rooms and suites are fitted with world class equipments, including shutters, LCD TV sets, Wi-Fi, automated curtains, crystal bathrooms, mood lighting tactile dimmer panels, and many more.

As a complement to your lush stay, it is the iLA, Sahara Spa and wellness center, a heavenly space to carry you far away, to assist you in discovering your inner I.






Sahara Star

Mumbai 400099

Tel. +91 22 39895000



Text: Flor Arenas ± Photo: TRAVEL SPICE / TALAR ASHISI