The Great Lady from the Far East

Opened in 1928, The Peninsula, more than a hotel, is sensed as a historic space. Silent witness of many events and changes in that nation, nowadays, she is a must-see reference of a port city that transcends her own legend.

Celebrities such as Muhammad Ali, and royalty members have stayed in her rooms, rooms that have even served as barracks, shelter and stage for great personages who have made history on the planet.



Her worldwide famous entrance always “dresses” in Rolls Royce cars, parked such a way that the gate shows them off –as the great lady she is— like a precious motorcar necklace, and serve even as the emblem for the hotel. Mobility is not confined to land or seaport, because there is a heliport on top of the towers surrounding the main building.

The sense of grandeur reigning in “The Pen,” as the natives call her, is sovereign; with service so pleasurable that the guests feel more like staying in their house of dreams than in a hotel. It also has a spa, 300 rooms; haute cuisine restaurants and bars; ample and amazing lounges; a gorgeous indoor pool; gym; limousine, or car with chauffer service; helicopters; and all of the luxury amenities.





The Peninsula Hong Kong

Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

Tel. +852 5808 5771