A paradise in the Heart of Bahamas

Resting over a genuine luxury oasis, surrounded by actual sea water at a white sand beach, the One & Only Ocean Club is a site inspired by the Versailles gardens and the European statues. A posh lodge with a spa, restaurants and all of the amenities offered by a sumptuous resort; it also has an 18 golf course next to the sea.

The One & Only Ocean Club sumptuous hotel, located in Paradise Island, has 105 rooms, each with a flat screen TV, a DVD and CD player, and a mini-bar, the same as the best staying facilities. Its luxurious suites have 24 hrs.-butler servicing; a welcome cocktail; a laptop; a sparkling wine bottle, and tropical fruits on a daily basis; besides a packing and unpacking service.



Owing to its contemporary sophistication and elegance, it reflects an exclusive, full of glamor ambiance at the enchanting virgin isles from the Paradise Island, which offer the most outstanding residential lodging, suited for couples and families the same.

The One & Only Ocean Club has got the best restaurants at the best site, including two formal restaurants, a coffee shop next to the pool and a clubhouse at the golf course. It is the perfect escape to get relaxation and serenity, offered by this hotel at Paradise Island.






One & Only Ocean Club

Paradise Island Dr, Nassau, Bahamas

+954 809 2716



Text: Florenica Gutiérrez ± Photo: Maniac Magazine / UTMX/ AFAR / PRWEB / LIMS / ONEONLYRESORTS