• The Bahamas is a country formed by more than 700 isles out of which 24 are inhabited.
  • Bahamas’ currency is the Bahamian dollar; it is advisable exchanging money at banks, money exchange booths and hotels. However, US dollars are well received in most of the vestablishments.
  • Because of its warm climate it is recommended carrying light cotton clothing along the year; it is necessary to carry a jacket for cool and rainy evenings November through March.
  • Its superb beaches make the Bahamas a popular destination for millions of visitors, ever year.
  • Its beautiful islands offer options that you can’t found elsewhere in the Caribbean, is one of the few regions that has no rivers, because it is entirely composed of island territory.




  • Harbour Island’s pink sand beaches receive their name from the characteristic color given by millions of coral particles spread all over the sand; thus making this place a peculiar site worldwide.
  • The views offered by the Bahamian isles are stunningly gorgeous; they have become the most visited ones by tourists from all over the world.
  • Harbour Island Beach and Surfer´s Beach are the best virgin beaches worldwide, and they are located in The Bahamas.
  • The Bahamas is the ideal tourist destination for spending your holidays, where you will find the best hotels and restaurants. However, their perfect romantic tone for weddings and honeymoons is a valuable plus.
  • Leasing a boat under contract and go fishing: some of the most precious species of fish, mostly appreciated by fishermen all over the world, can be caught here.





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