• St. Andrews, on the eastern part of Scotland, we find a city that attracts visitors from all over the world due to it’s prestigious golf courses.
  • Considered the birth place of golf, it maintains and age-old tradition since the 15th century.
  • The University of St. Andrews is the oldest and most renowned in Scotland; it boasts an enrollment of over 8,400 “red gowns” wich is the name as students are popularly given.
  • The avarege temperature at St. Andrews is 8.2 °C, with continuous showers throughout the year; even the driest month experiences rain.
  • Private Jets offer executive and private flights from St. Andrews Airport, located five minutes outside of Winnipeg.
  • Dundee Airport, inaugurated in 1963, is the nearest airport to the St. Andrews famous golf courses.
  • Private flights are for up to 20 passengers they feature the finest departure service from St. Andrews Valley Codroy Airport.
  • The Aberdeen International Airport at Dyce is considered the third most important airport in Scotland, following Edinburgh Airport, which has only one terminal for regular flights and charter flights.




  • The old St. Andrews Cathedral, the largest in Scotland in it’s time, lays now in ruins; most of the terrain is now occupied by an enormous cemetery.
  • The West Sands beach, a major attraction, is certified Blue Flag, which means that it meets the highest standards of security, services, and water quality.
  • The Royal Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews is the oldest and most prestigious, an ideal place to golf; if boasts more than 2,400 members from all over the world.
  • At Glamis Castle, charming place to visit in Scotland, one of the most famous lodgings is the Duncan Salon, featuring rare collections of porcelain, tapestries, and furniture. The Castle is famous for being the home of Queen Elizabeth during her infancy.
  • The medieval castle of Dunnottar, which name is derived from the word Dun, which means “fort” or “fort on a hill,” was the protagonist of Oliver Cromwell’s siege for eight months. Now in ruins it’s cliff, hides many secrets and anecdote from Scotland’s days of yore.
  • The Strathisla distillery is a favorite of whiskey aficionados; since it’s founding in 1886, it is the producer of the most awarded whiskeys in the world.
  • When visitng the Dunvegan Castle, in the Ilse of Skye, you can take a boat tour on the lake of the same name and visit some of the nearby villages. It’s beautiful gardens are another attraction, featuring a walled orchard with over 300 plant varieties.