Named the “Capital of European Culture 2016”, this region is located on Lower Silesia, Poland, this place is formed by 12 islands, joined through 112 bridges. This is a thrilling destination that flourishes under the unique Germanic, Hungarian, Chzech and of course Polish influences. Its population lives at its own rhythm, in the middle of a beautiful scenery that is reminiscent of “a small Venice”, it inspires a great renaissance decoration through its houses and buildings, as well as beautiful gardens. Wroclaw is practically a grand college town due to the thousands of European students that choose to study in this campus. Market Square is a central point, and it’s worth to pay a visit to the “Raclawice battle panorama”, you can also enjoy multiple cultural festivals, of which stands out “Vratislavia Cantans”.


Text: AMURA ± Photo: Dreamstime/ Panoramio / Melisandre / TRIPLANWAY