An Idiosyncratic Hotel to Renovate Mind and Soul

Unique in its field, Rakkojae is a 130 year old Korean “traditional house” reminiscent of an aristo-cratic Chosun Dynasty home. The structure surrounds the main courtyard, and one can feel in its design the quiet elegance of the nobility that used to walk through the hallways. The pavilion, the lotus pond, and the patio are just a few of the elements that make this hotel a thoroughly relaxing retreat.

Rakkaojae provides five different types of lodgings: Far Bedroom, Master Bedroom, Patio Room, Separate House, and Samcheong-Dong Annex Hanok Suite. Far Bedroom is a standard room, with a minimalist design, air conditioning, mini-bar, and hinoki wooden bath, and a tea set.

For its part, the Master Bedroom includes all aforementioned amenities as well as jade floors. The Patio Room offers guests a private terrace. Separate House accomodates up to five people, and features two private bedrooms and bathrooms. Hanok Suite, the most luxurious of all lodgings, has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room.

Unlike traditional luxury hotels, Rakkojae focuses on the renewal of the spirit, rather than the indulgence of the senses. It’s for this reason that guests will have the opportunity to learn to prepare kimchi from scratch, curing and fermenting the required vegetables to prepare this meal as a meditative activity, or to partake in a tea ceremony. Those who don’t mind working with their hands will be able to take a carpentry apprenticeship alongside master Young Hwan Ahn, an activity that promises to teach a lot about the traditions and the customs of the Hanok School.











Text: Andrés Ordorica ± Photo: 안동한옥학원

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