Winter at the North of Norway is one of the most spectacular naturistic sights in the World without a doubt thanks to the lights that can be seen in it’s celestial vault. The best months to watch them are from October to March, due to the fact that the lights allows us to see them better, because it’s less intense.

The equinoxes of Autumn and Spring present particular astounding Northern Lights.  Time of day is also important, you may appreciate them at their best from 18 hrs ‘till the first hour of dawn.  

With luck, you may be able to observe several Aurora Borealis in the long Polar nights, however, a strong snowstorm may interfere, or perhaps the fact that the spectacle doesn’t occur immediately. Because of this, spending Winter in Norway is a guarantee of an unmissable show to watch in the night sky.

Besides the Aurora Borealis, in Norway, winter is quite enjoyable due to everything it offers, including the experience of sled travelling or winter sports. Other activities are the Safari of the Royal Crab in Laponia, where after a thrilling hunt - or even before, you will be able to enjoy this delicacy, this gourmet experience is unique and particular of this destination.