Designed for a new type of tourism that seeks to address the many today’s climate challenges of today, ‘Anthenea’ is an eco-friendly floating suite powered by solar energy.

With a Made in France stamp, the capsule has a spherical shape based on the principle of ‘surface tension’ observed in nature which, according to the designers, is the optimum form of resistance to the most extreme conditions.

‘Anthenea’ promises all its guests the experience of enjoying the underwater landscapes of the world, while floating through lakes, rivers, and oceans. Each of its models has been designed to meet the needs of each traveler by offering as a luxury hotel suite, spa-room, and events space.

Its shape, which resembles a lotus flower, has an innovate sand secrw anchorage that does not damage or affect the ecosystem. In addition, it comes with an adjustable sunshade roof, solar panels, a panoramic bathtub, and a 220 cm diameter bed.

It should be noted that, being 100% eco-friendly, the capsule produces what it consumes and releases only clean water.