Luxury for the Road

Consumers continue to flock in ever larger numbers around Crossovers, a movement that began with the introduction of BMW’s X3 model. These days, Audi, Volvo and Cadillac introduce theirs news attractive models that distinguish themselves not only by their luxurious appearance, powerful performance and state-of-the-art technology, but also by giving the driver a unique driving experience.

Proof of this is found in the new Audi Q5, a Crossover that not only provides the luxury and security features that are expected of all Audi vehicles, but one which also possesses a distinctive sportiness combined with great maneuverability -usually reserved for coupé models- resulting in a highly entertaining driving experience.

Volvo, not to be outdone, strives to make its way to the top by introducing the XC60, an attractive compact SUV that offers a steady, agile and comfortable performance. This model has unparalleled electronic safety features such as City Safety, which helps prevent collisions.

Finally we arrive to the Cadillac SRX, a model that has been completely redesigned, and one which boasts the now familiar aesthetics that have breathed new life into the American firm. Dynamic, elegant and versatile, the SRX is the perfect alternative for drivers who seek an outstanding American automobile.



Audi Q5

A  High Performance Crossover

The four interlaced ring firm makes its way inside the Crossover vehicle market with the introduction of the Q5, an attractive SUV that has received the paramount attention of the German firm, furnishing it with the latest technology to provide it with a true sport-vehicle response. The model is also furnished to ensure that the driver receives the ultimate driving experiences.

Although the vehicle is compact – 4.63 meters by 1.88 meters by 1.65 meters – the Audi Q5 is still generously spacious, and can seat 4 passengers comfortably.

Any of the three engines can be connected to the new generation of S-tronic transimition system, which has been designed to provide fluid movements between gear changes. The driver can allow for the S-tronic system to make changes automatically, or can do so manually right on the steering wheel.

The steel chassis has been specifically designed to minimize lateral inclination of the vehicle when faced with sudden curves. It provides excellent stability, and guarantees absolute security for the driver when driving under hazardous conditions.

The Audi Q5 is ideal for drivers who are looking for a Crossover marked sports design, but also one that provides great comfort and security. Powerful engines, elegant interiors and a wide array of gadgetry are sure to delight even the most meticulous of drivers.





TFSI turbo


211 Hp


350 Nm

Maximum Power Output

211, 240 y 270 Km/h


Volvo XC60

The maximum expression of Security and Comfort

Volvo Cars deserves proper recognition for their efforts to create an astounding Crossover, one that not only showcases the new aesthetic direction the Scandinavian firm is presently undertaking, which provides the vehicle with a deeply elegant design. This new direction has allowed for Volvo to create a larger, supremely refined cabin, as well. Excellent balance and unparalleled performance, coupled with award-winning safety future, makes for a formidable Crossover.

To achieve this, Volvo has dotted this model with the latest electronic guidance systems to aid the driver while on the road. Amongst these, City Safety stands out as an extremely beneficial tool for the driver, for the system will detect obstacles on the road and bring the vehicle to a halt if it detects that it is on a collision course with the vehicle.

Aesthetically, the new Volvo XC60 is embedded with the DNA of Scandinavian design yet, in this occasion, the designers have strived to make a greater impression, accentuating the contrast between the materials used for its fabrication, which also gives it a more robust look. The headlights are now more expressive, its profile sharper, and the rear end of the vehicle is not capable of holding a third break light.

The cockpit is ample and welcoming in all of its areas. It can comfortably hold four adult passengers.

The dashboard is composed of analog instruments, all very complete and visually appealing, while driving commands are set in front of the driver so as to not impede driving capabilities while on the road. The central console maintains its floating design, although it has been slightly altered in order to face the driver. All seats have been design to provide maximum comfort, with the rear seats being place slightly higher than the front seats to provide better views for occupants.

The engines guarantee a comfortable, agile, and sporty drive. This new crossover is built around a Four-C chasis that reduces sudden changes in balance, allowing for a greater control over the vehicle. This model aims to compete directly with the BMW X3, the Audi Qf and the Mercedes-Benz GLK.





Turbo 6 cilindros


238 hp


236 Nm



Luxury and Pleasure of the highest order

General Motors of México prepares itself to take over the Crossover market by introducing the Cadillac SRX 2010, a sports utility vehicle that not only possess a vanguard and imposing image; not only a luxurious interior dotted with the latest technological and safety features, and a new V6 engine of great power and low fuel consumption for a more pleasant drive.

A multi-piece shield grille and Cadillac’s iconic vertical headlamps – with light pipe technology and available adaptive forward lighting – are the face of the SRX. They blend into a tightly wrapped, sweeping body that tapers downward at the rear, giving the vehicle a sporty profile. Xenon LED headlights provide excellent illumination, which are aided by two small, yet powerful, fog lights.

The leather front seats of the SRX are shaped in the form of a cube for greater comfort. The audio system consists of ten top-of-the-line Surround Sound 5.1 Bose speakers, radio, and internal space for six CD’s and/or DVD’s, as well as MP3 and USB docks. It also compatible with iPod systems, and its internal 40 GB hard drive can store an almost unprecedented amount of information.

The Hydra-Matic 6T70 six-speed automatic transmission helps save fuel by lowering the engine’s revolutions per minute at constant highway speeds, while a manual shift lever control enables greater driver interaction when desired. The new SRX includes a driver-selectable “eco mode” that alters transmission shift points to maximize fuel economy.

Traction control is taken a step further on AWD models with the rear eLSD. In icy or wet conditions, the system can transfer up to 100 percent of torque to the wheel that has more grip. The eLSD also gives the driver enhanced control when cornering hard or completing a high-speed maneuver, such as a lane change, by momentarily applying more or less torque to either of the wheels to help the rear of the vehicle more closely follow the direction of the front wheels.





V6  de 3.0L


265 Hp


223 Nm


Text: Roberto Pérez S. ± Photo: Cortesía de las marcas / Brands Courtesy