If we're talking about automobile evolution, on this occasion we present to you the newest and most distinctive of the two best European brands. What these two incredible cars share is the immense growth they represent in terms of automobile development and design, for each one of their brands.

They are the first representatives of the new car generation for these two automobile giants. One of them takes it advances in the data and experience obtained by Formula One and Mercedes does it through the users and its extensive research. Without a doubt, these two are the top of the iceberg of a new car's breed, bolder in every sense and with a lot greater performance. The wait is over the future, is already here.


Ferrari Italia 458

A new kind of breed

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a massive leap forward from the company’s previous mid-rear engined sports cars. The new model is a synthesis of style, creative flair, passion and cutting-edge technology, characteristics for which Italy as a nation is wellknown. For this reason, Ferrari chose to add the name of its homeland to the traditional figure representing the displacement and number of cylinders.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a completely new car from every point of view: engine, design, aerodynamics, handling, instrumentation and ergonomics, just to name a few.

A two-seater berlinetta, the Ferrari 458 Italia, benefits hugely from the company’s Formula 1 experience. This is particularly evident in the speed and precision with which the car responds to driver inputs and in the attention focused on reducing internal friction in the engine for lower fuel consumption, despite the fact that both overall displacement and power have increased.

However, Ferrari’s track experience makes its presence felt in the 458 Italia not only in terms of pure technological transfer but also on a more emotional level, because of the strong emphasis on creating an almost symbiotic relationship between driver and car. The 458 Italia features a new kind of steering wheel and dashboard that is the direct result of racing practice. Once again input from Michael Schumacher who was involved from the very start of the 458 Italia project. The Ferrari 458 Italia’s Pininfarina design provides further evidence of the complete departure from the past that this new car hails.

The Ferrari 458 Italia has a compact, aerodynamic shape, underscoring the concepts of simplicity, efficiency and lightness that inspired the project. The front features a single opening for the front grille and side air intakes, with aerodynamic sections and profiles designed to direct air to the coolant radiators and the new flat underbody. The new 4499 cc V8 is the first Ferrari direct injection engine to be mid-rear mounted. It has a very low piston compression height typical of racing engines which contributed to achieving its compression ratio of 12.5:1. Equipped with the traditional flat-plane crankshaft, the engine delivers 570 CV at 9000 rpm. 










4499 cc


540 Nm at 6000 rpm

Maximum Power Output

570 hp a 9000 rpm 127 hp/litre

Maximum Speed

325 km/h


0-100 km/h 3.4 seg  


Mercedes - Benz SLS AMG

The new era

The new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG dazzles with its purist design, intelligent lightweight construction and superior handling dynamics, and is bound to cause a sensation in the super sports car segment. The new SLS AMG is nothing short of a masterpiece by Mercedes-AMG GmbH. As it’s first completely independently developed vehicle, the super sports car is the highlight in the company's more than 40-year history.

It not only takes AMG, the performance brand within Mercedes-Benz Cars, into a new era, but also demonstrates development expertise of the very highest order. The SLS AMG's unrivalled technology package is an alluring proposition: aluminum spaceframe body with gullwing doors, AMG 6.3-litre V8 front-midengine developing 420 kW/571 hp peak output, 650 Nm of torque and dry sump lubrication. And seven-speed double-declutch transmission in a transaxle configuration, sports suspension with aluminum double wishbones and a kerb weight of 1620 kilograms based on the DIN standard this superlative combination guarantees driving dynamics of the highest order.

The front/rear weight distribution of 47 to 53 percent and the vehicle's low centre of gravity are testimony to the uncompromising sports car concept. The 'Gullwing' accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds, before going on to a top speed of 317 km/h (electronically limited). Fuel consumption of 13.2 liters per 100 kilometers (combined) makes it one of the best among its competitors. Thanks to a diverse range of optional extras, the Gullwing model can be enhanced to suit any personal taste.

Some of the main options include: AMG ceramic composite high-performance braking system. AMG performance suspension with a stiffer setup for optimum lateral dynamics. AMG performance steering wheel in leather/Alcantara. AMG sports bucket seats. AMG carbon-fiber engine compartment cover. "AMG alubeam silver" paint finish. 









V8 571 hp


650 Nm a 4750 rpm


6208 cm3


0 a 100km/h 3.8 s Velocidad

Maximum Speed



Text: Enrique Rosas ± Photo: Cortesía de las marcas