In this edition, Amura Yachts & Lifestyle has the pleasure in presenting three automobiles tha combine technology, sportiveness and elegance: A perfect Tri-Force, envied in every aspect.

We start with the Porsche Panamera, an automobile that steps out of the conventional limits of a firm like this one, presenting itself as a four door sedan.

Next is the Ferrari California, a beautiful example from the powerful firm in Modena that will dazzle everyone with its sportive design, the dream for any automobile fanatic.

And last but by far the least, the Maybach Zeppelin, a super luxurious but equally powerful automobile from the most exclusive of the Daimler-Chrysler Firm. With only 100 units available of this model, it is turned into one of the most wanted cars by comfort and luxury lovers.

We invite you to start this journey through these cars, that belong to three of the most important and exclusive firms in the automotive world. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.



Porsche Panamera

The Brand’s Future toys

Afour door sedan that’s been never seen before, and being even harder to imagine for a brand like Porsche. For the first time, the brand goes on an adventure outside its limits to create a new car refreshing and retaking its prestige and quality.

The Porsche Panamera was created to pay homage to the great race of the American Continent: The Pan-American Race.

A versatile automobile, with the skills of a sports car and the comfort of a Gran Tourismo, without setting aside the sports look that goes in hand with these types of cars.

The Panamera’s exterior seems to be inspired in the classic design of the 911, but in this case, bigger and over dimensioned in order to deliver, although it is very low for a four door car.



The engine for the Panamera is a V8 turbo with direct injection and a seven speed shifter box with the new PDK double clutch system. The engine’s hood is larger than usual, since the engine goes in the front and needs a lot of space to hold a V8.

The rear has a very big trunk, big enough to hold 2 golf club sets; being this a great change for Porsches, since it is a great chance in the concept of sports cars.

The Panamera’s interior is very wide and pleasant, covered in leather with the rear seats giving an impression of being bigger than the front seats, aside from being comfortable enough for two adults to ride comfortably for a long period of time.

The exterior plays with the classic Porsche design by keeping the same style for the headlights’ design and the double exhaust tips give this car a true sport look.  








V8 turbo

Maximum Power output

500 Hp




500 nm / 369 lbft

Maximum Speed

303 km/h


0 a 100 km/h: 3,3 s


Maybach Zeppelin

The Most Powerfull

The Maybach brand is bringing out the new Maybach Zeppelin to spearhead its luxury saloon model range. The new model, which received its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, represents the absolute zenith in the high-end luxury saloon segment. This makes it a worthy successor to the legendary Maybach Zeppelin, which was revered worldwide as the ultimate in high-class automotive engineering in the 1930s. The hallmark features of the new Maybach flagship’s unique sense of style include a stunning paint finish, featuring a shoulderline in a contrasting colour, as well as the exquisite, meticulously crafted materials in the interior, whose long list of optional extras includes a world first - a highly sophisticated perfume atomiser. The new model’s performance even outclasses the rest of the Maybach range, making it the most powerful Maybach ever.







The Maybach 57 S and the long-wheelbase version, the 62 S, serve as the technical basis for the new range-topping model. Supreme performance is assured in both cases by the 6.0 litre V12 biturbo power unit under the bonnet, which now delivers 471 kW/640 hp (+ 28 hp) and a peak torque of 1000 Newton metres.

In a nutshell: the Maybach Zeppelin epitomises stylish elegance and the art of vehicle manufacture at its most refined as no car has ever done before. The new Maybach Zeppelin is being built in a limited edition of just 100 worldwide.






V12 AMG biturbo

Maximum Power output

640 Hp




1000 Nm / 783 lbft

Maximum Speed

285 km/h


0 a 100 km/h: 4,9 s


Ferrari California

The New Leyend

The Ferrari California is a Gran Turismo sportscar, availabe since the beginning of 2009. Designed by the famous design company of Pininfarina, it has a convertible chassis and a retractable hard top.

The Ferrari California surprises us with a 460 horse power V8 engine, located on the front side. Equipped with an F1 7 speed and a double clutch automatic gearbox as well as ceramic brakes especially designed by the Brembo firm.

The California has an amazing acceleration allowing it to go from 0 to 100 km/hr in only 4.0 seconds and a maximum speed of 310 km/hr. It includes a “Manettino” suspension system that provides 3 driving options for the driver: COMFORT (for the daily use), SPORT (for high speed driving) and CSTOFF (stability and traction controls are deactivated).

The exterior shows a very sporty design with 19” wheels, air intakes on the front as well as on the side skirts. It also has another air intake on the hood, allowing the air to go inside and help with the cooling of its powerful engine.  



On the rear side 4 tail lights stand out, two on the top of the trunk and two more on the mid section, aside from the four chromed exhaust tips, two on each side.

On the interior we find leather seats and aluminum detailing, accenting the car’s sportiveness. Equipped with a touch screen display with an “Infotainment” system, where the GPS navigation, the rear parking camera and the music center are controlled. It has the engine start button on the steering wheel and a central console called “The Bridge”, for controlling the roof and setting the gearbox in automatic.

This fabulous automobile represents the 4th series of models for the firm with the “Cavallino Rampante” and is definitely a car that will leave you speechless.  








V8 / 4 cilindros

Maximum Power output

460 Hp Desplazamiento / T


375 lb/ft a 5000 rpm

Maximum Speed

310 km/h


0 a 100 km/h 4.0 s.


Manual de 6 velocidades/ F1 de

7 velocidades y doble embrague


Text: Roberto Salido y Enrique Rosas ± Photo: Cortesía de las marcas.