When we talk about outdoor adventure, we never put it together with extreme luxury. In this ocation we present to 4x4 that contradicts these last statement. The Defender of Land Rover and the G55 AMG of Mercedes Benz.

The English firm present to us a 4x4 of incredible characteristics like the independent suspension on each wheel and id joint system in the wheels as well as the in line five cylinders. In the other spot Mercedes bring a more potent truck with a design that dates from 25 years ago with out losing any spectacularity. All of these embraced of a great luxury and comfort for its driver and the passengers, a no less the technological advances that they offer. 



Mercedes Benz G55 AMG

The Thesis of And 4x4

Unique in its class, G55 AMG offers the speed of a sport car as well as the versatility of one 4X4. Replacing the AMG atmospheric, this monster does not have any competition in its segment in the asphalt, as in dirt. Without a doubt it’s a 4X4 known in the world by its great durability.

The G55 AMG model, unbeatable in its class, a classic from 1980. It has not changed in its structure and even so it is the most fascinating light truck 4X4 in the world. This year this impressive 4X4 counts with smoother handling and emotion, a typical aspect of a five stars car like this.



Besides its great and pleasant stability in the handling, thanks to its system ESP, that reunites a control of lateral acceleration (very useful in curves), it also comes with an assistant in slope starting (hill-start assist), making it different to all 4X4 in earth. 

Under the hood runs with a V8 motor of 5,5 liters compressor, a 507 horse power and 700nm of maximum pair, With this motor you can obtain an acceleration of 0-100km. in 5,5 seconds. With a time like this, it could be considered a sport car, but one of 2.5 tons of weigh.

With more than 25 years in the market this well-known Mercedes includes luxury and inner comfort since the leather Designo and the wood moldings are a mission of experts.

This 4X4 contains all the luxury available that only a brand like Mercedes Benz can provide.  







V8 5.5 litros

Maximum Power Output

368 hp a 6,100 rpm


700 libras/pie a 4,000 rpm


ABS y BAS (emergencia)

Maximum Speed

210 km/h


De 0 a 100 km/h 5.5 s

Tracción- Tipo/ Tractrion- Type

4X4 Integral (ETS)


Land Rover Defender

The King of 4X4

If you’re only looking for extreme adventure, there is a solution that really fills all expectative. The design of this 4X4 is something really exclusive and full of versatility. This is not a luxury 4X4 but we are talking of adventure, we are talking of the king of all 4X4.

Defender makes honor to its name with 4X4 surprising qualifications. All their details were carefully designed; putting special attention in specific ending, reason why a product specialized to the 100% has been elaborated.



Apt to cross the most extreme and dangerous lands as well as subsisting in the most difficult surroundings. Defender is the most versatile 4X4 of the world. Its solid suspension provides maximum joints of wheel which allows it to circulate over rocks and deep ditches with equal ability. Absolutely safe and unstoppable, it is true synonymous of reliability and a resistance in the 4X4 driving. 

A little improved of their passed edition, the new Defender is more practic than never; maybe its manual gear box is what it does to be one of their more exciting characteristics. Giving from the first change with Maximum speed and more short for the slopes that reduces the speed in slow starting (4X4) and improves the drag power, as well as on sixth speed that allows you to save gasoline when you go by highway.

This 4X4 can you only find it in Europe and use a diesel motor non practical for America.  







5 L 2.4 litros Diesel

Maximum Power Output

122 hp


360 libras/pie a 4,350 rpm

Frenos / Brakes

4-channel ABS

Maximum Speed

130 km/h


De 0 a 100 km/h 17,4 s

Tracción- Tipo/ Tractrion- Type



Text: Enrique Rosas ± Photo: Cortesía de las marcas