The most exclusive way to enjoy them

Because of the need to provide its clients with peerless treatment as well as presenting new and different forms of enjoying their products to those who are “ultra demanding”, Ferrari and Mercedes Benz offer their preferred clients a series of races and its driving school.

This turns them into members of the most elite auto clubs of the world. This is the case of Ferrari, where, to belong to the Corse di Clienti series, one must be the owner of two Ferraris before shelling out a hefty sum of euros to buy a one-seater, even though this is very limited because the brand sells only one or two vehicles, that they have retired from the Formula 1 world championship, a year.

In the case of Mercedes Benz, access to its driving schools is only through invitation since the course is one on one and space is limited.

In any case, these are rare, unique opportunities not to be missed.




Corse di Client FXX

Ferrari opens a rare and unique opportunity for its clients, who have always been a very important part of the sports activities of the builder. With this in mind, in 1993 it created the Ferrari Challenge Cup with the goal of taking the owners of super sports cars to the track. And, as an extension of this program, the company instituted the “Corse di Clienti” in 2001.

Ferrari Corse di Clienti offers its clients the exclusive experience of being the owners and racing a Formula 1 in tracks around Europe and the United States and in surroundings that provide confidence and inimitable security. The brand allows the proprietors of these racecars to use them, as they should be —in a race—, with the total support of a personal group of technicians, engineers and mechanics as well as technical assistance when driving.

In a shop very near the main door of the “Gestiona Sportiva”, away from the scrutiny of other eyes, the brand prepares its Formula 1 cars for sale and service once their sports life is over.

The same technicians and mechanics that, for years, took care of them in the racetracks of the world do this work. In the shop, the cars are prepared (cockpit and basic set up) before being taken to the Fiorano circuit for a first test and the new owner’s training. Any work that cannot be done in the network of concessionaires is taken to these shops, which are the world’s only source of parts.

For those who own one, or have dreamed of doing so, nothing compares with the sensation of harnessing yourself inside a Ferrari Formula 1 cockpit.  The sensation of being a recent winner of Schumacher’s World Championship, an Alboreto turbo contender or a Guilles Villeneve surgical instrument has no comparison. Being in the pits while these monsters are primed and left at the height of its powers, getting into one and competing in a much more relaxed ambiance, where the cars are all Ferrari and the competition is among “owners”, is an experience that only occurs in a few places on the planet and which very few people can have access to.




Also, and based on the same client-Ferrari pilot scheme, it presented its FXX program, which consists of delivering, to the brand’s 29 most select clients, the FXX prototype, which is a racetrack version of the Enzo of 800 HP, which is the most advanced grand tourism car ever created by the Maranello firm. Its use is restricted to the racetrack and is part of the program of cooperation between the brand and its clients, where they obtain, based on all these tests, engineering and driving data crucial to the development of future street automobiles. At the same time, it created a series of 14 events, held and to be held in 2006 and 2007, where the pilots/owners compete among themselves with the support of the brand as well as a team of engineers and mechanics at their disposition.

It is important to note that these are not the only series that the brand offers its clients but they are the most important. Another fact to point out is that Ferrari is the only car builder who involves its own clients in the development of its autos as well as providing all that is necessary to safely race these cars to the limits with all the support required.

In the case of the Formula 1’s, one can be acquired after being the owner of two automobiles of the brand and at a price that begins at 400,000 euros and goes up to 2,000,000 euros. The purchase is very difficult because every two years only two or three cars, which the company has “retired” after racing in the maximum category, are available for sale. Data about the owners is very uncertain since, for security reasons, their identity is restricted. Amura obtained access to some of these names as well as a list of several of the cars that raced in Valencia, Spain.     






Shovlin, Paddy / Cullen Michael, England, F2003-GA,ex Barichello, year 2003

Vega, Ricardo, Mexico, F12001,ex Schumacher, año 1999

Schroeder, Pierre, Luxemburgo,F399, ex Schumacher, año 1998

Bukhtoyarov, Valentin Gabel, Michael, Rusia, F1300,ex Schumacher, año 1998

Ciener, Jonathan Artur, United States, 412 T1,test car, year 1994

Reece, Adam, England, F93a,ex Alesi, year 1993

Kinch, Larry, England,F1643,  ex Prost, year 1991,Kinch, Larry, England,F1643, ex Prost, year 1991

Others Cars and Drivers

Breuer, Stefan, Switzerland, F2001,ex Schumacher, año 1998

Crowder, Kevin,United States, F2001,ex Schumacher, year2001, Meissner, Uwe, Germany,F310 B, ex Irving, year 1998

Haechler, Roland, Switzerland, 412 T1, ex Alesi, año 1994

Bosch, John, Holanda, 312T3, ex Villeneve, año 1978


Mercedez Benz

Driving School

For the last seven uninterrupted years, Mercedes Benz gives classes, around the world and also in Mexico, to its coddled clients as well as to VIP guests. It is the Active Safety Experience, a course for beginners as well as advanced drivers.

We make the cars safer but what happens with the driver? This is the question that all beginners answer at the end of the course, which has more than 15 tests and where the brand’s German pilots supervise beginners. All this framed by one of the best racetracks in Mexico and with the advise of driving professionals.

After an introductory chat, as well as a magnificent breakfast, the 30 participants are invited to form groups and head towards the modules on the track. The brand is very dedicated to making this course an act surrounded by glamour and professionalism.





It is a given that Mercedez Benz is the undisputed leader in what concerns technology and passive and active security. It is also a fact that most accidents are due to human error. The Safety Driving Training course’s goal is to minimize and eradicate these errors, showing correct driving techniques. For this reason, the practical exercises are focused on incrementing the safety of the people driving as well as learning how to react in unexpected circumstances.

The course is taught by German instructors specialized in safe driving and, during the more than eight hours of the lessons, they share their knowledge and experiences with the assistants.

The tests that are done during the course recreate the possibly dangerous situations that can happen in daily life like, for example, when driving in a circle, participants find out how to oversteer and understeer the car and so they learn what to do when this happens. Braking on slippery pavement shows them how to maneuver when faced with an unexpected obstacle without loosing control of the car.

This is a great opportunity for those fortunate few to test the majority of the cars produced by this builder under ideal driving conditions. The course takes place once a year during 10 days and receives 30 guests a day. It is an indispensable event for those who receive an invitation.




Text: Enrique Rosas ± Photo: Cortesía de las marcas.