A Diamond in the Air

Even before its launching, and due to the booming demand, the owners of the company gave instructions that previous Diamond owners take precedence so that they can change their jets for one with the latest technology. After launching the project two years ago. the new model was built in 2004 and it is expected that by 2008. it will begin to fly in order to receive the anxiously expected certification needed before it can be offered to clients.


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The D-jet will cost less than a million dollars, a very attractive price when considering its features and advanced technology. This price can increase, depending on configurations, specifications and details that the new owner might decide to include.

Diamond Aircraft industries inc. has selected the Garmin G1000 integrated avionics system for its new D-jet personal aircraft. The G1000 flight deck for the D-jet will be available as a three panel system with two 10' primary flight displays (PFDs), a centrally located 15* multifunction display (MFD). FMS controller. glareshield mounted Autopilot Controller, and dual AHRS/ GPS / Magnetometer sensor system. 

The Garmin GlOOO is already being delivered on Diamond's DA40-180 Diamond Star and the DA42 Twin Star. The system integrates all primary flight, navigation, communication, terrain, traffic, weather, engine instrumentation and crew alerting system data on brilliant high definition displays.

“we are thrilled to take another exciting step in our relationship with Diamond Aircraft by serving as the avionics supplier for the innovative D-jet”. said Gary Kelley. Garmin’s director of marketing. “As an owner flown aircraft, the D-jet is an ideal platform for the GlOOO system by offering ease of use. superior reliability and enhanced flight safety as well as low cost of ownership".

Christian Dries. CEO of Diamond Aircraft, said “...apart from the system being top quality in features, performance and upgradeability. we like the cockpit commonality with our piston aircraft, Garmin's strength in GA avionics systems, their ability to deliver a complete and integrated system, and their excellent support in integrating the system into the airframe". 


Development of Technology

The Ontario. Canada factory produces the other Diamond models, the DA20-C1. Katana 100 y DA40; and the wiener Neustadt plant in Austria, is the home of the Diamond Center of investigation and Development the DA40 and the HK motor glider.

with a reputation for being one of the best in the business. Diamond’s Customer Support center delivers parts the day after they are ordered, year 'round, seven days a week, an added value for the client With the new D-jet. lovers of flying will have the opportunity to enjoy a jewel of the sky. 


Williams FJ33-4 (1,400 lb/6.2 kN)
Take off
2,372 ft
Altitude in the cabin, PSI
(5.2 psi) 8,000 ft
Maximum range IFR, ISA (240 kts)
1,320 nm 240 knots
Maximum speed
315 knots
Fuel consumption
125 kg/h / 276 lb/h
Elevation range (MSL, MTOW)
13.2 (m/s) / 2,600 fpm
4,750 lb
Empty weight
2,590 lb
Useful cargo
2,162 lb
Fuel weight
(189 gal)
1,280 (580 kg)
Wing span
39.4 ft
10.2 ft
Cabin length
11.6 ft
Cabin width
4.8 ft
Cabin height
4.8 ft



Texto: Laura Velázquez ± Foto: Diamond Aircraft Industries