If trips in private jets are characterized by their exclusivity, privacy, comfort, elegance and personal, specialized attention, the commercial airlines are not far behind and offer services that have the same characteristics that we know of as FIRST CLASS. The planes are usually the same, but what makes the difference in long trips is the service on board. Some offer seats that turn into beds, while others hire chefs and sommeliers so that the trip becomes a culinary experience. Below we present the best in the world… actually, the air.  


That japanese feature

Under the slogan “We stimulate your senses; we create harmony”, Japan Airlines offers its First Class travelers a new seat: the 60 cm (23.6 inches) Shell Flat, which converts into a 1.90 meter-long (6.2 foot-long) bed, assuring a pleasant and relaxing rest. It also has a footrest that has a built-in massager. Another feature is the on-board Magic entertainment system that comes with an AVOD device (audio channels, video a la carte and more video games) and an individual 10.4 inch video screen.



World Class

The luxury and concern shown by Asiatic cultures is evident in each first class Korean Air flight. This company has won awards for its food service and for its variety of on-board entertainment. Among the gastronomic offerings are caviar, Norwegian smoked salmon, and Guinea hen, all accompanied by Dom Pérignon 1990 champagne or Krug Grand Cuvee. The white wine selection includes Chablis 1991, Kendall- Jackson Grand Reserve (California) Chardonnay 1995, Gewerztraminer 1993, Riesling 1995 and Cerviolo Bianco. Reds featured are Cos D’Estournel 1992, Raymond Cabernet Sauvignon 1998, Antinori Chianti Classico and Volnay L’Or Rouge 1993.


With english style

British Airways first class service, known as FIRST, is synonymous with traveling in comfort in a refined, discreet setting. In the FIRST cabin you enjoy privacy in ample, soundproofed spaces that let you work, eat and relax. You can sleep soundly because the seat converts into a 198 cm (6.5 ft) bed. At lunchtime the plane turns into a luxury restaurant, with an a la carte menu accompanied by the world’s finest wines and champagnes. For those who must be connected to land, a personal telephone as well as laptop connection is incorporated into the seats.  




¡Oh la la!

Air France is always innovative and consistently provides the same quality service. Even the minutest details are not overlooked in L’Espace Première, that combines the comfort and exclusivity of personalized service. The ample, ergonomic seats have a discreet nightlight, anti-allergenic pillows, a merino wool blanket, slippers and a small case with accessories to help make the trip more pleasant. Passengers are served French cuisine, featuring main dishes, horsd’oeuvre, warm plates, cheeses and cakes. The wine list, selected by Olivier Poussier (The Best Sommelier in the World 2000) is renewed every two months.




Reinventing first class

Flagship Suite, American Airlines’ first class service, provides a new level of luxury and comfort. Everything begins with the seat, which converts into a two-meter long bed (6.5 feet) and has a leather headrest with six different settings. The seats rotate so that the traveler can sit facing his or her traveling companion. There is an outlet for a laptop and modem, satellite phone, and an avant-garde lumbar backrest.  

To design the menu, AA invited six of the world’s most famous chefs, including Stephen Pyles and Dean Fearing, to make up its Assembly of Chefs. The on-board wine service has won all possible awards.



German precision

Lufthansa features Private Bed, a place that provides privacy for relaxation, with seats that give massages and convert into comfortable two-meter beds. Entertainment comes in the form of a 10.4-inch screen, integrated into each of the seats, with the best of Hollywood and video games. Both the audio and video can be controlled by remote control. With the slogan “Our clients not only travel safe, but also enjoy true feasts”, discover Lufthansa’s culinary universes. With their successful Connoisseurs on Board service, Lufthansa became a top contender in the competition for in-flight services.



In your language

During the day, Iberia’s Business Class offers a relaxing trip with seats that have extendable footrests, reclining armrests, a double lumbar pillow with a massaging devise incorporated into it, a headrest whose height and lateral positions can be adjusted, and a button for gradual incorporation. The Spanish cuisine is prepared fresh on board, and is accompanied by a truly prestigious selection of Denomination of Origin wines.

When it is time to rest during the flight, the accessories enhance your comfort: wool blankets, big pillows, a cosmetics kit, and the widest bed on the market to assure a real rest.  



Text: Laura Velázquez ± Photo: Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, United Airlines.