Eclipse 500, an airship that offers value, safety and convenience

There are several private jet brands and models. However, lower fuel consumption and interior details set a few of them apart from the rest. This will be the case of the Eclipse 500, a member of the new Very Light Jet (VLJ) generation, which is now in the development and evaluation phase.

The objective of Eclipse Aviation Corporation (EAC) is to redefine air transportation, by achieving savings in fuel consumption with a new generation airship that offers value, safety and comfort for a better flying experience.

Eclipse 500 will revolutionize the concept of flying for business travelers who generally dislike taking commercial flights, having to spend long hours in airports and experiencing the constant fear of their luggage being lost. Stories of this sort are plentiful among travelers: inefficient flight routes with multiple connections, late arrivals and departures and cancelled flights. All these are “normal” experiences for frequent flyers.




As if this weren’t enough, the traveler cannot get to his destination directly. He or she has to make several connections if they wish to reach small cities, or medium ones for that matter. These market conditions offer Eclipse Aviation Corporation an incredible opportunity to innovate aviation through the use of modern electronic systems and manufacturing and business mechanisms, producing an airship that is almost a quarter of the price of a small jet, significantly safer and easier to fly.

Eclipse 500 will be available in 2006 and its objective is to incorporate the word “personal” into aviation by making it possible to move directly from one city to another quickly, accessibly and conveniently. It will also allow owners/pilots to enter the world of jet-powered aviation.

This six-person twinjet will have a 1,280 nautical mile range while carrying four passengers at a cruise speed of 375 knots (431 mph) and a top height of 41,000 feet.


Full luxury

Regarding interiors, the Eclipse 500 will offer a subtle combination of beauty, comfort and convenience.  

This first generation of Very Light Jets, which strides toward certification for offering a new take on private jets, is transforming every link in the value chain for its clients.



The interiors have been designed in collaboration with internationally renowned brands like Ideo and BMW Group DesignworksUSA, who created for the Eclipse the exclusive Standard Edition and the LX Edition, both offering beautiful and functional interiors with the finishing touches that characterize the world’s finest cars. The following are the interior styles available:

• Diablo. Interiors in a black and brown palette with leather details in toasted brown tones.

• Sahara. The cream-colored seats are combined with toasted khaki carpets and side panels that evoke the subtle beauty of the desert.

• Pizarra. The fresh tones of the Pizarra’s interiors create an ambiance of peace and tranquility. Light gray seats complement the blue-gray carpets and side panels and as well as details in dark blue.

• Cayenne. The Cayenne interiors propose dark gray seats with thick red borders, red and gray carpets and dark gray side panels. Only available for the optional interior of the LX Edition.

• Both editions —Standard and LX— are perfectly combined, offering luxurious details like two-zone air conditioning, LED lighting that includes personal reading lights, independent luggage lighting, cabin dome lighting, working/eating table with cup holder and folding window curtains. 



Optional equipment

Eclipse has created additional options to complement the interiors of both editions:

• Entertainment system: CD/MP3 player, satellite radio and accessories to communicate with the pilot’s cabin.

• Bathroom package: electronic toilet, accessory cabinet and privacy curtain. It is easily set up and removed where the sixth seat is located.

• Sixth seat: For maximum passenger capacity, a foldable seat can be installed in the rearleft section of the passenger cabin. Available for both editions.

• Snack center: It can be installed in place of the sixth seat or the bathroom. It stores cold and hot beverages as well as snacks.

• Metallic accessories (only available for the LX Edition): To further enhance the appearance of the cabin and differentiate the plane, high-quality, treated metal accessories like doorknobs and air vents are available.

• Ashtrays: They are available for the passenger cabin as are cup holders for the pilot’s cabin. 





1,175,000 dollars




(2) PW610F de Pratt & Whitney Canadá

Exterior dimensions (feet/meters)







Interior dimensions (inches/centimeters)



Top Height


Top Widht



M6 seats maximum


Cabin at sea level

21,500 feet

Cabin at 41,000 feet

8,000 feet

Guaranteed performance


230 gal

Cruise speed (max)

375 knots(+- 2.5 %)


4 passengers 1280 nm (+- 5%)


2,250 lb

Maximum weight at take-off

5,640 lb


Text: Laura Velázquez ± Photo: Eclipse Aviation Corporation.