Specialists in mid-range planes, the Brazilian company Embraer offers executives and large companies the Legacy, a corporate jet ideal for getting to any part of the world in comfort, with a range of 3,200 miles (5,150 kilometers). On the Legacy, you can fly from New York to Paris in 10 hours—one hour less than on a commercial flight.

Launched on the market in 2000, today there are 49 Legacy planes (Executive and Shuttle models) flying the skies of 12 countries, a record for a plane that was only certified three years ago.

And for additional comfort, the South American firm announced a 41 thousand-foot increase in ceiling, making for calmer flights, in addition to new accessories that include High Speed Data with Wi-FI connections and pleated curtains on the windows. All these new accessories will be available before the end of the June 2005.



Legacy Executive

• Cabin volume is greatest of any medium-size jet: 1,410 cu ft, 70% more than average

• Comfort and insulation in three areas of the cabin

• Largest baggage compartment

• Technical service anywhere in the world

• Rolls-Royce AE3007 motors economize fuel and energy and also comply with stage IV noise specifications, with a maximum thrust of 7.953lb a ISA + 22° C 


Interior design

• Designed to provide flexibility and meet a wide range of needs. Featuring one of the longest business plane cabins, it has three very spacious and comfortable seating areas, as well as hot and cold food service, coat closet and easy access to the luggage compartment.

• Fold-up integrated computers (dual flight director only for automatic pilot)

• Dual communication system (integrated VHF/transposer, Mode S diversity) with 25 kilocycles or 8.33 hertz frequency spread

• Dual navigation systems (integrated NAV/ADF/DME)

• Two FMS + GPS

• Dual inertia IRS reference system

• Two radio units with RMU management

• Emergency transmitter

• Digital clocks

• Air audio system

• Voice recorder in cabin

• Air registration computers

• RVSM compatible

• Leather seats

• Two ultramodern bathrooms, one located in the front and the other in the rear



Legacy Shuttle

• Economical and productive: Balance and comfort ideal for lowering costs

• First-class seats for 16 and 19 passengers

• Flexibility to adapt to up to 37 passengers

• Biggest luggage compartment

• Technical service anywhere in the world


The motor

• Reliable Rolls-Royce-Royce AE3007 motors economize fuel and energy, and also comply with stage IV noise specifications

• Maximum thrust of 7,057 lb at ISA + 30° C

• Excellent reliability

• Easy access to components

• Incorporates Full Authority Electronic Control (FADEC)


Interior design

• A new concept in corporate travel, in the all-in-one category. It can be designed for 16 to 19 passengers in first class seats, or up to 37 passengers, with a 3 m3 luggage compartment.

• Folding integrated computers (dual flight director / automatic pilot)

• Dual RMU (Radio Management Unit)

• Dual communication system (integrated VHF/transposer, mode S diversity) with 25 kHz or 8.33 hertz frequency spread

• Radio altimeter

• Interphone between main office and cabin

• Air audio system

• Voice recorder in cabin

• State of flight data recorder

• Emergency transmitter

• Dual navigation systems (integrated NAV/ADF/DME)

• Two FMX + GPS

• Dual inertia reference system (IRS)

• Auditory emergency unit

• Air registration computers

• Integrated instrument support (ISIS)

• Two reference options using the AHRS system


• Cat II automatic pilot

• Digital clocks




As a point of information, last year, the company, which is located in Sao Jose dos Campos, sold 13 Legacy, eight of them during the last trimester. The Legacy is a super mid-size business jet, constructed on the platform of the successful ERJ 135/145 regional jet, of which more than 900 orders have been filled, making more than seven million flight hours, with 99 percent effectiveness, a source of pride for Empresa Brasileña de Aeronáutica (Embraer).


Your office in the air

The Legacy Executive, which costs 22.45 million dollars, can comfortably fly 16 passengers in first class, in a cabin with an area of 39.9 m3 (1,410 cu. Ft.). Maximum speed is 80 mach, driven by Rolls-Royce motors, with a distance range of up to 3,250 nautical miles (6,019 kilometers) with eight passengers and an extra reserve fuel tank.


Embraer has the Legacy corporate jet in two models, the Executive and Shuttle, both with a range of 3,250 miles.


The interiors include comfortable, upholstered fine leather seats, as well as digital screens to which audio, DVD and computers can be connected, converting it into an office in the air that is always linked to terra firme. It also has a three-piece sofa where passengers can relax, as well as a table made of fine woods that serves both as a desk and for dining, where you can carry out business meetings or prepare reports.

No luxury has been spared in the food service compartments: glasses, drinks, kitchen utensils, sink, coffee maker, microwave oven and ice bucket.



The Legacy Shuttle can carry up to 19 passengers in the comfort of business class or 37 passengers in the Shuttle HC model that is ideal for converting into a commercial executive jet.

The Legacy is proud to offer the biggest cargo section in the industry, with 240 cu ft (6.8 m3) in the Executive model and 325 cu ft (9.2 m3) in the Shuttle model. Service and maintenance are performed in the United States and in the factory located in Sao Jose dos Campos, but the client receives a code for the new CIS—Custom Integrated System with which he or she can obtain information, parts, spares and order repairs on the Internet.

With the most spacious cabin in its class, converted into an office in the air and at a third of the price of a comparable plane, the Legacy offers an unprecedented balance between comfort, reliability and performance.  


Legacy Executive

Cost (dollars)

22.45 million

Lenght of the cabin

13.10 m

Height of the cabin

1.83 m

Widht of the cabin

2.10 m

Volume of the cabin

39.9 m3

Volume of the compartment

6.8 m3

Maximum Speed

80 Mach

Cruising Speed

78 Mach


8 leather seats, three piece sofa, central table, entertainment center (DVD, VCR stereo, Airshow), closets, credenza, sink, bathroom.


2 Rolls-Royce AE007


Text: Laura Velázquez ± Photo: Embraer Legacy