Maverick of the Arctic

Technological innovation adding up to a sportive and light design, are some of the Ski-Doo Grand Touring SE features, distinguishing it as one of the first-rate vehicles of its kind. This is the ultimate all-luxury two person recreational snowmobile, with an outstanding comfort level for the driver the same as for the passenger. Among its characteristics, one can find: independent front and rear suspension, Dual A-arms y rMotion, respectively; the same as the Rotax 1200 4 TEC four strokes engine which eases the driving and has terrific performance; 10 litters of fuel per 100 km. Ideal for those who intend to use it for competing since its chassis is not only one of the lightest and resilient ones, but it allows a driving posture at the center of gravity which gives a greater maneuverability and control, particularly in sudden turns.





609 lb

Ski stance

42.4 in

Track nominal width

15 in

Track nominal length

137 in

Track profile height

1 in Ripsaw


Text: Dessiré Valdivia ± Photo: FIND HES / DALER / KEV 7 FIND THE VEST