An exceptional piece of gothic inspiration

Inspired in the gothic vaults found in the nineteen century buildings, the Métiers d’Art Mécaniques Ajourées is an example of distinction and innovation. Distanced from conventionalisms, it shows wound and complex forms in its structure, against the traditional linear skeletons that this type of watches present. Among the exceptional characteristics which highlight in its manufacture are the visible movement of the watch with silver bridges, purple bolts and yellow gold gear; which adds up a depth of color in the sphere to the piece; being remarkable the fine work of the watchmaking masters, who spend three days of effort and accuracy to prepare the aesthetics of this watchmaking jewel.

With 21 rubies, self-winding and a 65 power reserve, this machine by Vacheron Constantine has become the perfect pearl to discover inside an 18 karat white gilded case; which is the perfect final touch to bedeck such an exceptional piece



Text: Cecilia Guzmán ± Photo: NUEVOS RELOJES / REVO LINE