Luxury, precision, and supreme craftsmanship

The BMW Series 7 is the embodiment of precision and quality craftsmanship on a supreme level that amplifies the pleasure of the driving experience. The sixth generation of the Bavarian’s brand pride and joy is a quantum leap towards the modern automobile era. BMW takes advantage of the generational leap to present a new series of innovations focused on four main areas: BMW EfficientDyanmics, Functionality, Well-being, Comfort and Design.

The Carbon Core technology from BMW’s EfficientLightWeight sets a new bar when it comes to the used of ultra-light and reinforced carbon-fiber polymers, by developing a chassis with a lighter, yet more resistant structure.



Furthermore, the engines belong to a new generation of BMW Group workhorse, which fully optimized not only reduce fuel consumption, but also lower emissions. Chassis innovations, and the inclusion of a smart, centralized network redefine the vehicle as well as the driving experience. Incorporating these new technologies will – as in the past – revolutionize the way we move forward into the future.

The BMW models 740i, BMW 750i, and the BMW 750LiA, all part of the Excellence fleet, are fitted with a six cylinder engine (first model), and a V8 engine (last two models.) In addition, the engines incorporate Steptronic, 8-speed transmition, and the BMW EfficientDynamics technology, as well as enjoying the support of BMW ConnectedDrive. Furthermore, the ADAPTIVE system constantly monitors and corrects the vehicle’s alignment. An intelligent emergency call system, one-touch access to news, weather, online search engine, concierge, and BMW Teleservices are also some of the features now standard in all three models. The BMW Series 7 will also incorporate BMW Display Key, unique amongst its peers, and which will allow for remote driving, as well as displaying essential information about the vehicle.

As far as design is concerned, the harmonious proportions, the form of its surfaces, and the neat outline convey an unmistakable style, one which manifests itself through an image of great maturity, extraordinary dynamism, and exclusive elegance. The forms of the cabin are determined the by the prevalence of its outlines and horizontal surfaces, spaciousness, ergonomic orientation for the driver, and simply the finest materials used for an artisanal finish. The characteristic style of the luxury BMW is, in general, to express and optimized balance between refinement, and the highest level of comfort for those long journeys.

At first sight, the new fleet sports bumpers and exhausts with a chrome finish, 19” V-radius rims for the BMW 740i, while the other two models boast a doubly large rim radius. The 750iA, along with the BMW 750Lia, share the Soft-Close system, which gently and automatically closes partially open doors. Furthermore, the Executive Drive Pro suspension lends the car an even greater sense of comfort, as well as extraordinary dynamism while being driven.



When it comes to their interiors, the 740iA and the 750iA feature a glowing Fineline wood; while the BMW 750LiA is upholstered in leather. The electronic front seats provide lumbar support, and the headrest can be adjusted. The BMW 750LiA features cool and heated front and rear seats, as well massage functions that work in tune with the BMW Vitality system. More so, the rear Executive Lounge seats provide incomparable comfort for passengers.

All versions of the BMW Series 7 integrate the innovating BMW Touch Command system, designed to fulfill all passenger needs through a 7in tablet featuring WiFi connection and which serves as an infotainment console. A call can be made or discarded at the touch of a button.

The BMW 750LiA also features the Experience entertainment system, including two 10in tablets, and the Sky Lounge panoramic roof, which illuminates the cabin by way of 15,000 LED lights that adopt a pre-selected ambient hue.



Audio and communications are integrated into a 10.2in, high-definition touchscreen with iDrive controller; a navigation system that displays 3D maps, a 20GB hard disk drive, and wireless recharging (all models.) Sounds are heard throughout the cabin by way of 16 600 watt Harman Kardon speakers for the BMW 740iA and the 750iA model, while the 750LiA is fitted with 16, 1400 watt Bowers & Wilkings Diamond surround sound speakers.

Safety and security for the driver and passengers is paramount. The vehicle is fitted with automatic headlight activation; frontal, lateral, and head airbags; a state-of-the-art BMW Heads-Up Display, rear, Surround View camera to assist on parking, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), Anti-lock Breaking System (ABS), LED fog lights, and autoadaptable LED lights for highway driving. The BMW models 750iA, and 750LiA feature, for their part, the exclusive BMW laser headlights, which double the visibility range for the driver compared to the LED headlights, providing optimal visibility up to 600 m.


BMW Serie 7


BMW TwinPower Turbo


320/5800 hp/rpm

Maximum performance

330 kW (450 hp)


0-100 km/h: 5,7 s

Maximum speed

250 km/h


Text: © BMW México ± Photo: © BMW México