The art of flying

Choosing an airline as experience beyond that of mere mode of transportation mean sorting through a wide spectrum of possibilities designed in a manner quite distinct from the vision and experience of each airline. Inside this increasingly connected world, Mexico represents the entrance of Latin America for world, and the world for Latin America. It is because of this that we take the opportunity to revise the two finest airlines for First Class traveling and which connect the Mexican capital with the rest of the planet. Both are perfect not only for traveling from Mexico, but to do it from nearly any imaginable destination, too. In the near future, we will see more competitive First Class services and airliners. Nevertheless, the trust that is awarded to each of these enterprises by way of their experience, security, and fleet, is the reason by which they lead this section. Their incomparable Premium services, created to travel around the globe in maximum comfort, is something that undoubtedly concerns us.




Air France

British Airways


Text: AMURA ± Photo: Air France / British Airways