The evolution of the Mercedes Benz SLK model coincides with its 20th anniversary. Mercedes SLC offer five different option models: SLC 180 (156 CV), SLC 200 (184 CV), SLC 300 (245 CV), SLC 250d (204 CV), and the SLC 43 AMG (367 CV). Of these, the last three feature a new automatic 9G-Tronic shift gear and novel LED lighting system as well as exhaust similar to those in C Class models. The new COMAND system is displayed on a 7-inch screen, and Dynamic Select allows the driver to choose between 5 different driving modes. A Mercedes-Benz App system complements this features. It is that this model will become a hybrid and feature integral traction by 2018. We’ll have to wait and see.




Mercedes SLC


4 cilindros en línea, V6 para la versión SLC 43 AMG /

Inline 4-cylinder, V6 for SLC 43 AMG version


SLC 180: 156 CV

SLC 200: 184 CV

SLC 300: 245 CV

SLC 250d: 204 CV

SLC 43 AMG: 367 CV


0-100 en 4.7 seg para la versión SLC 43 AMG / 0-100 in 4.7 sec for the SLC 43 AMG version

Maximum speed

250 Km/h limitada electrónicamente / 250 km / h electronically limited


Text: Lizethe Dagdug ± Photo: © 2016 Porsche Latin America, Inc. / 2016 Group Lotus PLC