Transparency of time

On June 15 of this year, Greubel Forsey unveiled one of the biggest challenges of chronographs industry, one piece that allows the observation of  sophisticated and well-crafted mechanism 360° and its various levels, this is possible by allowing the enviornmental light can enter.  The  incredible box that was manufactured in a single piece of sapphire, fused in a sublime manner, and completely handmade.

In addition to having a unique aesthetic, this watch It is equipped with two tourbillons, the first inside with an inclination of 30 °, brand characteristics and the second, visible in the front face, made with white gold. The belt can be made of  three materials depending on taste, having as options: crocodile leather, rubber black or transparent silicone with a brooch titanium engraved with the brand’s logo.  This piece was released  as a limited-edition piece solely for the U.S. market.