The ‘Space Pirate’ strikes gold

Horological Machine No 6, made of titanium, has evolved into “Space Pirate”, an edition bestowed with the “Best of the Best” prize at the Red Dot Design Award, in Essen, Germany; one of the most renowned international competitions of design. This edition is limited to 18 red gold pieces 5N, 18K and titanium.

A unique alloy that makes the organic nature of the Machine sublime; its Red Gold 5N+ is a mix not just of gold and copper but also of a tiny amount of palladium. The HM6 RT includes a flying tourbillon with a retractable shield, spherical hourly indicators and turbines to damp wear and self-winding movement with 475 components.

The HM6 RT see-through upper dome shows a sophisticated motor inside; the sapphire dome screen in the back reveals more than 475 components delicately finished, forming its highly complex movement. The fundamental idea of this magnificent pieces lie on the biomorphism art movement: its design elements are founded on the forms of living organisms.



Text: MB&F ± Photo: MB&F