Presidential Protection

Our country’s distinguished and exclusive elite circle cautiously travels inside an S600 Guard. This security vault with wheels has been qualified with the highest ballistic certification for a civil car: the VR9. The safety structure measures 5.5m in length and has a wheelbase of 3.36m; it’s effective against projectiles and also against explosives, both in the bodywork and the glasswork. Part of the protection conceived for the car is that it requires a highly expert eye to distinguish between the armored version and the regular one.

The passengers will not only be the safest but also the most comfortable. The vehicle is equipped with Airmatic air suspension and all types of assistance systems. The seats, as expected from a Maybach model, have a massage function. The rear part includes telephone service and an air conditioning balance package with interchangeable fragrances and an environmental ionizer. The S600 Guard is a car that can be fully customized based on the user’s requirements.





Mercedes Maybach S600 Guard

Maximum speed

210 km/h


530/5300 hp/rpm

Acceleration 0-100 km / h

6.8 seg


7G Tronic Plus

Cylinder Capacity

6.0 litros con 530 hp

Fuel Consumption

ciclo mixto: 6.8 km/l


12 en V 5980 cc


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