Relentless Quest for Perfect Precision



The tourbillon is one of the most complicated components known to watchmaking, and for a time, after the surge of wristwatches, in opposition to pocket watches, the tourbillon was deemed as an utterly beautiful but absolutely useless complication. However, when watchmakers started to use it again in chronometer pieces, the perception of the Tourbillon changed. Now Andreas Strehler is using the in-house technology of the Remontoir d’égalité with the tourbillon to perfect balance, and thus precision.

The Trans-axial® Remontoir Tourbillon is comprised of 250 individual parts. The caliber is manually wound with conical gear wheels and has a power reserve of 78 hours with a frequency of 3 Hz / 21’600 A/h.  




Text: Andreas Strehler ± Photo: Andreas Strehlert

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