El Primero Double Tourbillon

Zenith is no stranger to innovation. The revolutionary Defy El Primero 21, the only high-frequency automatic chronograph, capable of measuring hundredths of a second, paved the way into the future of watchmaking. Now the new Defy El Primero Double Tourbillon has been revealed and it’s well on its way to continue with that tradition. Powerful, fast and precise—there isn’t much this timepiece cannot accomplish in terms of fine and complicated horology. The Double Tourbillon is powered by the El Primero 9020 caliber and two separate escapements.

A master of technology and aesthetics, the watch was design to set high standard for performance and design; it’s also de bearer of the fastest tourbillon on earth, beating at a frequency of 50 Hz (360,000 vibrations per hour), which regulates the chronograph. The second tourbillon regulates the rate of the watch and operates at 5 Hz.

The openwork dial adds to its beauty, with the El Primero 9020 caliber fully visible, along with its 311 components. The Zenith Defy El Primero Double Tourbillon comes in either a sapphire or carbon case-back, depending of choice, that is water resistant up to 100 meters, secured to the wrist with a luxurious high-tech black rubber strap, coated with alligator leather or Cordura-patterned. The platinum version is available in a 10-piece limited edition. 




Text: Zenith ± Photo: Zenith