The New Collection Pesavento astonishes with a passionate beauty

Full of brightness, warmth or simply suggestive, Pesavento’s jewelry experiences a creative journey, always in a state of evolution looking forward emotions plenty of femininity, sensuality and modernity. Reviewing the classics of jewelry’s history and exploring the reinterpretation of the bijoux, as well as constantly being capable of amaze with nature and extraordinary strong expression.



Defenitely, a trip through the universe of the classics and somehow a way back to the future. The Grumetta’s necklace is an imperative everlasting of jewelry which gets a new look with the Polvere di Sogni/ Allure. It selects diamonds for emphasise the timeless elegance with such colors like black, bronze, antelope, pink silver, grey and pearl ruthenium. 

In addition, it fits perfectly with the softness of the geometry of Polvere di Sogni rings which are presented in the same colors.

Text: ©Peyrelongue Chronos ± Photo: ©Peyrelonge Chronos your social media marketing partner