Ferrari F12 TDF is a homage that the Maranello creator has made for the  Tour de France, an emblematic career that Ferrari would dominate during the 50’s. During this time, the mythic 250 GT Berlinetta of 1956 was the winner of four consecutive editions, and now, with the F12 TDF Ferrari is driving outside its box when creating this specific project, this model will be limited to 799 units.

Ferrari’s DNA manifests in the creation of everything that can be defined as the maximum expression  of the brand when it comes to design, motor, aerodynamics and of course automotive concept.

Fabricated with carbon fiber, it’s total weight is lighter with 110 kg, plus a V12 of 780 HP,  as well as the acceleration which goes from  0-100 km/hrs. in 2.9 seconds and 0-200 km/h in 7.9 seconds, the  F12 TDF was an exceptional behaviour, especially when driving curves, due to the increment of 8% in the dimension of its front wheels and thanks to its Virtual Short Wheelbase system, this guarantees an optimal stability and control, just what an authentic and transcendent racing car needs.