Lamborghini Miura just turned 50 years old in November 2015 and it’s worth to commemorate the first two-seat car that jump started the Italian firm that has given us models like Diablo, Countach, Murciélago or Aventador.

Miura was born during the decade of the 60’s y it turned into the first super-sportive car in history, as well as the most super-sportive car in history and also the swiftest of its time. With an acceleration capacity of 0 to 100 Km in 6.7 seconds and a speed that managed to surpass 280 Km/ h.

In 1966, after presenting its chassis for the first time in the Turin Salon 1965 –initiating the true rise to success of Lamborghini-,the V12 engine of Miura began to start it’s evolution and fame, which would summit with movie apparitions and achievements that would turn it into a legend.

The bodywork was designed by Marcello Gandini for Bertone. Since then and until 1969, 475 units of the 350 CV have been created, to later skyrocket to the Miura S -of 370 CV- and the Miura SV –of 385 CV-.

Fun fact? the classic movie of 1969 “The Italian Job”, has an initial high impact scene which fed the fame of the legendary vehicle which is worth admiring, although for lovers of Lamborghini it’s not simple...we invite you to know why.