The RICHTIME boutiques in Moscow, Russia, located at Smolenskaya Square 3 and Sfera Shopping Mall, now offer several Christophe Claret  models from Margot and Marguerite (both feminine collections), as well as its contemporary model X - TREM -1 , wich combines gold and Damascus stainless steel in two completely new versions.

At the same time, the brand advances in the territory of Asia, currently making efforts with stop -offs in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Dalian. This is a Haute Horlogerie brand founded in 1991 and backed by the experience of its founder, Christophe Claret, who devoted over 25 years to develop movements and innovations for other Haute Horlogerie houses, and now has his own firm, as well as one of the best manufacturing houses at Le Locle in Switzerland.

Not everyone knows that the first Tourbillon Orbital was created by Christophe Claret in 2000, therefore it is a patented caliber that, at its time, was completely unprecedented.