The artist and designer Pedro Friedeberg, again in conjunction with Corum, will present at the Franz Mayer Museum an exhibition called "La casa irracional” (The irrational house) which exposes a journey through the work of one of the only two Surrealists Mexican artists recognized by Andre Breton, as well as some of his most representative works in partnership with the Haute Horlogerie firm.

The collection has several pieces created by Pedro Friedeberg, including the limited edition watches Piranesi and Archimboldo specially designed for Corum. “La casa irracional” will be inaugurated on Thursday May 19 at the Franz Mayer Museum, located in the Historic Center of Mexico City.

For years, the colors, symbols and organized psychedelia across amazing patterns featuring the art of Peter Fiedeberg, bring us closer to a world where talent, genius and eccentricity of this Italian- Mexican artist is recreated in the exquisite Corum manufacturing to deliver pieces of invaluable value, beyond the material caliber.