The S Class, currently the most luxurious range of Mercedes-Benz, is updated with technological innovation and traditional craftsmanship – so far – exclusive to the 2021 model.

The worldwide launch of the new car featured a series of surprises that, in terms of exterior design, highlighted a classic saloon, stretched hood and a vertical front end with the distinctive star mounted. A completely more sophisticated image characterized by more stylized headlights.

A decorative chrome strip o the inside of the side sill, elegantly positioned by Mercedes-Benz designers, further embellishes the series and accentuates its length, which can range from 5.1 to 5.28 meters depending on the version, distinguishing it as the German flagship.

However, it is the interior which has left most amazed with new technologies that combine with the luxury environment; much less buttons, but fie screens, the largest of 12.8 inches with the latest MBUX, an Artificial Intelligence and personal assistant made in Germany that now has the improved voice recognition Hey Mercedes, compatible with 27 languages.

To travel in the best possible comfort, heated and ventilated seats in all four seats of the car, ten different massage programs and different driving functions were included. In terms of safety, the model has a side impact protection scheme.

So far, the new Class S 2021 is also known as one of the most aerodynamic, with a high level of interior acoustic comfort and quitter. In terms of mechanics, it will have to different engines ranging from 429 to 496 horsepower. As if that were not enough, in terms of assistance, it has a lever 3 range that will allow drivers to take short breaks on the road.