The French manufacturer of luxury cars increased its operating results for the third consecutive year.

Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti, described 2020 as “unusual for everyone. When the coronavirus pandemic brought so much to a halt and caused enormous disruption to our everyday lives”. He said he was grateful that despite the difficult period the company went through, all the challenges could be overcome.

“I am very proud that we have been able to achieve our third consecutive year of record breaking. For this I would like to thank the entire staff. What is more, with the first costumers receiving deliveries of the Divo, we kept our promise of bringing a modern interpretation of the historic coachbuilding tradition to the road.”

He regretted that, due to the blockages caused by the Health Emergency, the Bugatti team was not able to meet with the “fans and friends of the brand” in person, however, he recalled that the digital platforms are what have kept them in touch with the owners.

“During the few lockdown-free months, Bugatti customers finally had the opportunity to experience the new Chiron Pur Sports for themselves,” said Stephan Winkelmann. As for the car, it is a hyperdrive with a production limited to 60 units.

In October, the company presented Bolide, an extreme hypercar with a technological concept that represents the brand in its purest form: Excellence, courage, dedication. An incredible car and an incredible project”.



Bugatti Divo, a limited edition of only 40 vehicles

This is a highly personalized masterpiece of automotive craftsmanship and a must have for any Bugatti collection. Priced at five million euros, it pays tribute to Albert Divo, a French racing driver, a pioneer of Grand Prix-era competition who collaborated with Bugatti for many years.

Among the company’s special plans for this year is the delivery of Divo’s 40 pieces to costumers, as well as most of the Chiron Pur Sport. “It will certainly be a wonderful sad moment when the last Divo leaves the Atelier in Molsheim.”

On a personal level, Winkelmann expressed: “2021 is set to be a particularly challenging year. In addition to my role as President of Bugatti, I also took on the position of President of Lamborghini in December 2020. However, this is an undertaking that is close to my heart, as Lamborghini builds the most exclusive super sport cars with outstanding design. Bugatti, on the other hand, is synonymous with the most extraordinary powerful and elegant hyper sports cars in the world. My focus will therefore remain Molsheim in 2021, too.”