The BMW i7, the company's flagship electric car, is now part of the new Protection series.

The i7 Protection model turns the standard BMW i7 into a heavily armored maximum-security car. The car provides VR9 protection, which is a scale established by the Association of Testing Laboratories for Attack-Resistant Materials and Constructions in Germany.

For almost 40 years BMW has been offering its Protection series of upgraded production models and this is the first time the company has launched an electric car in this series.

This 'Protection Core' type is inherently heavy. The doors, roof, and underbody incorporate layers of armored steel, designed to withstand roadside attacks and drone strikes alike.

The Michelin PAX tires, specially developed, maintain usability at speeds up to 50 mph even when deflated.

The vehicle is equipped with the top-of-the-line components, including a full sensor and camera package and a Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system. The comfort features include massage seats and a portable cooler located in the rear seat.