Beyond the Beaches


{Archeological treasures may be found during diving trips, and they are to be left untouched. All findings must be reported. It is absolutely prohibited to extract objects under pre-established regulations meant to protect ancestral heritage.}


The sea is the most alluring feature of this landscape. Mykonos is one of the main destinations when it comes to diving in Greece, where there are many locations to choose from in order to discover the universe that lies hidden under the sea: the shipwrecks, coral reefs decorated by fauna and marine flora, caverns that are meant only for the bold, the archaeological remains that are just a small trace of the Greek historical heritage and the nocturnal incursions that are nothing less than a fantastic otherworldly experience. For those who have experienced the joys of diving—such extreme and entertaining sport—can attest that it is indeed an open door to a new world, where feelings merge and that, at some point, translate into freedom and tranquility. These feelings are fully expressed in the crystalline, transparent, and turquoise blue waters that surround Mykonos.




{It is important to remember that diving is an incredible experience, one that must be practiced by following the rules and abiding by security guidelines, preferably with a certified guide.}


There are several specialized centers where travelers can undertake these activities, and they offer guidance from experienced divers who are fluent in many languages. Their offers include: beginners courses (for people older than 10 years of age, and who must fill out a Discover Scuba Diving certificate that includes a medical form), and advanced courses for those who have acquired, as a minimum, an Open Water Diver certificate. It is possible to rent diving equipment at these centers as well.




Where to Dive in Mykonos

Prasonisi is home to the greatest underwater universe. Abundant fauna and an enormous amount of antiques lie on the seabed. The Peloponnese shipwreck, which occurred in 1930 and remains intact, has become a center for marine activity, and it is recommended for experienced divers only due to its depth and the meteorological conditions of the area. The caverns at Dragonisi Island are ideal for underwater photography. The famous Anna II shipwreck, which is also in good conditions, has become an artificial coral reef and the home of considerable biodiversity. The Kefalonia, Agia Anna, and Lia Bay coral reefs, amongst others, are also recommended sites.




Useful Facts:


Up to 50m/160ft


6m/20f up to 50m/160ft, depending on the area and the time of year.


The majority of the sites are free of currents.

Water temperature

Between 10 - 23°C/60 - 74°F

Diving season

From June to September, the warmest months.


Dry and hot summers from July to September (27°C/80°C); during the winter the average is 6°C/43°F.


Specialized centers

  • Mykonos Diving Center

Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Cyclades 84600

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Telephone:(30) 2289-024808

  • X-ta-sea Divers

Paros Island, Cyclades, 84401

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Telephone: (30) 6977 689067

  • GoDive Mykonos Dive Resort

P.O. Box 875 Ano Mera

84600, Lia Beach, Mykonos Greece

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Telephone: (30) 6946 957732 – (30) 6942 616102


Gadgets for Modern Divers

The sphere of influence and new technologies increase every day. Diving is no exception, and as such, we present some of the most innovating devices, like the H20 Ninja, a full-faced snorkeling mask whose clever design allows the user to breathe underwater as one normally would on land. The first with a built-in underwater video camera with an HD 1080p resolution.



Text: Felipa Avilés Aguilera ± Photo: •© Softlightaa / GRECCE/ ref fa / fotosub / MIKONOS / © Piboon Srimak