With the 1950 Luminor Submersible Depth watch model Officine Panerai continues with an historic  tradition of professional  precise measurement instruments.

The first watches for professional scuba divers In the world were created by Panerai and were suministered to the special forces of the Italian army in the first part of the XX century. Panerai built also de first depth gauges which those pioneers wore in their wrists.

Nowadays these two indispensable professional instruments have merge Into one: the Luminor 1950 Submersible Depth Gauge these new model    of Officine Panerai Manifattura it a submersible automatic watch with a chrono certified by the C.O.S.C.

It comes with a depth gauge which it’s accuracy it’s been tested Individually and certified by METAS. this year they will launch a 500 pieces numbered, limited edition.

With the unmistakable Luminor case, elaborated from one single block and its featured by the bridge with the lever of the device protecting the crown. The Depth Gauge is water proof until 3600 feet.



It has a 47mm case like the models in the past it´s built in titanium because it´s an hypoallergenic metal very resistant and at the same time extremely light. in contrast the depth gauge, and the bridge are made of satin steel.

It memorizes the maximum depth in the last immersion. This is possible thanks to an electronic  device, it is an independent instrument mounted In the case of the watch.

The depth gauge Is situated at the 10 hrs and the value its indicated by the yellow hand with arrow tip that runs thru the graduated scale before each immersion. it comes with a lithium battery that feed the electronic component for at least 500 hours.

To enhance security the Luminor 1950 Incorporates a device that emits a warning if the battery is about to run off and all the functions of the depth gauge becomes unavailable. the watch comes with two interchangeable customized wristbands.

These model Is being used by Mike Horn in the expedition “Pangea” which will go thru the palnet sailing and the main objective is to concientisized the kids about global warming.


Text: Enrique Rosas ± Photo: Panerai

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