Cities by the sea are meeting points, ports where cultures mix to create cosmopolitan environments rich in diversity. One cannot tire of coming and going to and from these places that are different from other metropolis: there is no feeling of asphyxia because the urban landscape is adjacent to the infinite blue horizon, which makes it possible to escape at any time. This view never ceases to surprise and bring novelties that take daily life away from the monotony and keeps the curiosity alive.

Cities by the sea are magical places, especially in the summer when the long days invite you to soak up the sun or spend long nights under the stars. The light and glamour of such paradisiacal ports awake the senses and cause fashion to show different facets with beachwear to look good in the city.

• Under the Ibizan sun; The island of Ibiza, it’s all about design, architecture, art and the other aesthetic expressions fed from an environment that is very similar to the Garden of Eden. Intense colors countered by designs of simple construction are a simple of the most sophisticated summer fashion.

• Summer in Marseille; In the city of Marseille, breathes the scents from the gardens that overlook the changing tones of the Mediterranean. The intense summer heat is no obstacle to dressing well; white tones, simple elegance and French sensitivity mark the example to follow.

• Blame it on Río; The legendary Río de Janeiro is famous for being one of the sexiest beaches in the world. The flavor and joy of Rio impregnates everything including fashion, textures, prints or incandescent shine are hte temperamental Latin side of fashion for this season.

• Miami connection; Dynamic and prosperous, Miami is the place to absorb glamour from a practical angle. The comfort of sports clothing dressed with the luxury afforded by a superior design; fresh colors, flexible looks and a harmony between form and function.

• Caribbean Magic; In the southern seas the landscapes are fantastic; full of pirate’s and treasures histories. In the attires, a glamour loaded with fiction is perceived, to visit and to spend the night island by island.


Text: Martha Jauffred ± Photo: Cortesía de las marcas.